Sunday, August 10, 2008

Augusta quilt retreat - Aug 4-7

Monday morning (Aug 4th), I left for a 4-day quilt retreat to Bridge Creek Cottage in Augusta, Wisconsin with my mom and her "old" friends. I really don't think of them as old though. They're fun to hang out with!! I got 4 projects done while I was there and had fun catching up with everyone - and meeting a few new people too. Here's a picture of the group after our dinner at the "fancy" supper club. Five of us are missing - including me since I was taking the picture :)

The blue and aqua batik backpack bag was a kit I got at a show several years ago and totally forgot about! The directions were horrible (even my mom could not understand the ambiguous and missing info). It did turn out cute, but a lot of work.

The purple batik purse is a pattern I got from my friend Stacy. It's actually a garment pattern, but it went together okay despite me not following directions to use a 5/8" seam rather than 1/4" like I'm used to. I started this one before Mason was born. Never too late to finish a project!

My third project (my biggest one) cannot be revealed since the recipient may be reading this blog :) They will find out soon enough.

I also picked up the perfect fabric for a Christmas gift (no more details on this either :) ) and also bought a pattern for a messenger bag. I still have to find some cool fabric - I'm thinking Amy Butler.

My mom also brought her jewelry supplies so people could make a bracelet if they wanted - she even brought all her bracelets as examples. On the first day, she kept saying, "jewelry station is set up if people want to come make bracelets - the early birds get the best selection." Nobody was coming over. Then, for about 15 minutes she left the room and someone had an idea - everyone wear her real bracelets and see when she noticed. It took several hours before she noticed that someone made a bracelet "just like her own". We all came over and showed off our bracelets and all had a good laugh.

In addition to the quilt related activities, there was drama at home. Mason woke up Tuesday morning with a 102 fever. Wednesday, the poor little guy was in pain from Mana trying to take his temp, so Mana brought him to the early hours urgent care. He had a double ear infection. He was started on Zithromax antibiotic. However, Friday night he started to get a rash. Saturday morning it was bad so I took him to urgent care - yep, a drug allergy. The ear infection was still there, so they gave him a prescription for yet another antibiotic (he's also allergic to amoxicillan (sp?) ). Poor kid. Now we have to do 10 days (2 doses each day) of a new medication. And then his blond mother leaves out the "must be refrigerated" meds overnight last night. Doh! Target pharmacy was nice enough to contact our clinic to get a refill. When I came home today (from being at my parent's house all afternoon), I opened the fridge to see this... Mana "bank-pen'd" the medicine! Now I cannot get too far without having to put it back.

Oh, and did I also mention that Mana's car was vandalized while I was gone? Yep, someone threw a rock through the back windshield of his card that was parked in the driveway. Probably some dumb kids thinking they were funny.

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Jan said...

It's fun to read about our Augusta trip, Keisha. I love the photo of you with the bag. You look so "hip." Does that term show my age? Thanks for putting up with us "oldies." It was fun to have you join us!