Wednesday, October 1, 2008

North Shore Excursion

{The People}

We did it, we actually did it! We got away for 2 nights without the kids - the first time in 5 years. It was very overdue! It was so fun to just get up when we wanted to get up and go where we wanted to go. No diapers to change, sippy cups to pack or naps to fit into the schedule. Okay, maybe we did take a nap one day - but it was our choice!

{The Accommodations}

We stayed at Lamb's Resort in Schroeder, MN - near Tofte and Lutsen. Here are a few pictures of the exterior and interior. We had a cabin right on Cross River which had a pretty tall waterfall. It was pretty loud. From inside the cabin (with the windows closed up), it sounded like there was a fan or air conditioner running. It didn't bother us at all - kind of soothing. I can't imagine sleeping with the windows open in the summer though.

{The Scenery}

The colors were gorgeous! The best hikes were to Oberg Mountain and Britton Peak. We took plenty of pictures - 1,167 to be exact! It was mostly Mana playing around. While on the trip, we realized that this is the first time we've done the North Shore trip with digital cameras. Ah, technology!

We were also fortunate to have clear skies one night so Mana dragged me out to the shore in pitch black to do some star pictures. I've never seen so many stars....ever! Click on the thumbnail to get the full effect of the stars. The vertical line you see in the sky is the Milky Way galaxy - so cool!

{The Food}

This blog post would not be complete if I didn't mention where we ate. Mana kept teasing me because I didn't want to eat anywhere we had been already in previous trips. I always like trying something new. So, here's where we went - in no particular order...

Hell's Kitchen in Duluth
Poplar River Pub in Lutsen
Schroeder Baking Company in Schroeder
Mountain View Grill in Lutsen Mountains
Sven & Ole's Pizza in Grand Marais... best pizza ever! We actually have already been here - after we got engaged on Eagle Mountain 10 years ago!
Vanilla Bean Cafe in Two Harbors

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