Thursday, November 6, 2008


Halloween started with a party at LCC. The kids did some projects, handed out candy (we made the treat bags) and then put on the costumes. Zander was so excited to dress up as Peter Pan (which my mom and I made! And Mana made the hat.) Mason lasted about 2 minutes - which is why I knew it was not a big deal to dress him in Zander's hand-me-down chicken costume. Besides, how cute is that chicken costume?! It deserves to be worn by more than one kid.

Then, Zander went trick-or-treating with Mana. When they were getting to head out, Zander grabbed our candy bowl and said, "Dad, how are we going to carry this to all the houses?" He's so sweet. He thought that you go to houses and give away candy. When they got back, Zander said, "Mom, last year we only went to three houses. This year we went to SIX!"

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