Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Eve recap

We spend every Christmas Eve morning with my family - and my mom's parents. Everybody goes so overboard with the kids. We seriously need another room in the house to put all the new "stuff".

The kids open presents before we eat lunch, so Masey can take his nap. Then the adults open presents - and Zander plays with some of his new toys. The highlights of the kid gifts was the marble game and puzzles. The highlight for the adults was definitely the "dickie sweater" I made Jason. With all of Jason's job where he's worked form home, we always joke that he can interact with people via video conference/webcam and really only needs nice clothes from the chest up. So, we joke that we're going to get him "dickie" shirts - which I don't even know if they make anymore. So after all these years, I took one of Mana's old sweaters and turned it into a sweater dickie. It was a hit. Jason was laughing so hard that he was crying. Hysterical!

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