Thursday, January 15, 2009

I'm ready to "muve"!

Today I was notified that I will be in a pilot program at Medtronic for something called the Gruve Solution - from the company muve. I'm so excited to part of this one year pilot! Here's some info about the Gruve Solution taken directly from their website...

The Gruve Solution™ is a new, completely revolutionary approach to weight management. It isn't a magic pill, miracle powder or meal replacement plan. It's not about counting points, cutting carbs, or purchasing body-bending contraptions. And it doesn't require 60 minutes at the gym 3 times a week or a $100-per-month membership. Instead, the Gruve Solution is an unprecedented, personalized, scientifically proven solution that enables healthy, sustainable weight loss.

Our Gruve is an amazing piece of technology!! This little device provides you with a personalized, quantifiable measure of your activities and the calories you burn throughout your day.

The Gruve uses an omnidirectional accelerometer to measure activity intensity and duration. Synchronizing your Gruve device with our Gruve web site gives you the ability to view your own daily calorie burn and track your weight loss progress.

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