Wednesday, April 22, 2009

It's Kindergarten Orientation Eve!

OMG, I cannot believe that Kindergarten orientation is tomorrow. Where did the last 5 years go?! It seems like yesterday that we were taking Zander home from the hospital. And now he's almost 5 and about to start kindergarten! I'm crying as I'm typing this post. This may be a good thing. I need to get out all the tears before tomorrow night to save embarrassment - for myself and Mana.

If this orientation is anything like preschool conferences, I will be a mess, no doubt. But maybe it won't be so bad since it's a lot of paperwork, touring and listening to the "rules". At preschool conferences a few weeks ago, the teacher shared Zander's "Strengths and Goals" as follows:

* What a sweetheart! A kind, caring & smart little guy.
* Very bright & catches on to things fast.
* Participates, answers questions
* patterns, rhyming, letters, etc.
* Went from knowing 49 to 51 letters this year! (that dang lowercase q gets me every time too!)

* Encourage drawing pictures, people w/ details, places, even labeling them
* Keep practicing name writing with lowercase letters
* playing with peers a little more, or asking peers to join him or if he can join - just building that confidence.

How could I not get all emotional after the teacher shares this info.... maybe with the exception of her elaboration on the first strength. When she went on and on about how Zander is so kind to his classmates, taking turns and giving up his turn for them.... I stopped the teary-eyes and looked at Dennis as if I wanted to say "Is she talking about OUR kid?!" but I suppose he's a bit of a different kid when he's not be pestered by his 2-year-old brother and retaliates.

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