Monday, March 3, 2008

Mason's first birthday

Mason's first b-day party was great! I got a Subway sub and made cheesy potatoes. Mom brought fruit and made an awesome salad - just like Tequilaberry's. After lunch, Mason opened presents. Surprisingly, he stayed interested in the present opening the whole time. Ayden and Zander took front row seats right from the beginning. Liz and Mana would tell them to move back and they did. But then, they would creep up right in front again. Towards the end, Mason thought it would be a fun game to hand Uncle Eric (aka "Aki") every piece of wrapping paper he tore off. After gifts it was time for the messy cake. We had been practicing blowing out candles for about a month...actually Mason started it on his own. Whenever he would see a candle, he would blow at it. Never strong enough to put out the flame, but still cute. Anyhow, we thought he would "nail" the 1st b-day candle blowing, but his mini cake with interesting frosting was too much of a distraction to worry about the candle. So, we gave up hope of him blowing out his own candle and let him dive into the cake. He was lovin' every minute of it. After awhile, Zander came in with his fork to sneak a few bites.

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