Friday, April 4, 2008

kid updates

Wanted to post a few updates on the kids...


* Zander is pretty much all potty trained. We still put him in a diaper at night. Otherwise, it's all undies! He's even doing #2 in the toilet, which I always hear is an issue for a lot of kids.
* No more naps! Actually it's been about 3-4 weeks since he's given those up. Actually, we forced the nap to be gone...for a couple reasons. When he was potty training, he would hold it until naptime & bedtime - when he would get a diaper. Much easier for him than using the toilet apparently. Also, he would not go to sleep when we put him down @ 8pm. He would run out into the living room many, many times after we tucked him in. Sure enough, when we eliminated the naps, he stayed in bed and went to sleep.


Mason is a walking and talking machine.
* He loves walking all over the place. Just in the last few days, he will get himself to standing without holding onto anything.
* Many more words are coming out of this little mouth of his...
- a-da (all done) - he says this when we're done with a book and when he's done eating
- boud (bird) - he loves looking out the window for birdies and announces "boud" every time he sees one.
- eh-fa (elephant) - one of his favorite books has a elephant and he says "eh-fa" when we read it.
- tuk (truck) - loves looking for trucks drive by
- ball
- boo (balloon)
- eye - as he pokes him own (or someone else's) eye out
- up - when he wants to be picked up
- dow (down)
- ah-sa (outside)

The boys broke out the sandbox toys and Mason had his first experience in the sandbox... and he loved it!

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Anonymous said...

These are really cute pics & it's fun to see them growing up online. Let's make a date to get together very soon!!!

Heidi Stodola