Wednesday, February 18, 2009

American Idol

Ah, another AI season is in full swing. They're taking a different approach to get to the top 12 this year. They're starting with 36 finalists. They're breaking them into 3 groups of 12. In each group of 12, three will make it to the top twelve (1 guy, 1 girl and the next person with highest votes). So, that only make 9. The last 3 are wildcards. Not sure exactly how that will work, but we will find out.

Anyhow, tonight as they were bringing contestants to the stage to tell them whether they had made it, there was a twist. Ryan Seacrest called down the next two contestants and they were actually Michael Johns and Carly Smithson (both from last season) to sing a duet!!! They were awesome!

The last pick/elimination was complete drama and I was NOT surprised. It was between a fabulous guy (Danny Gokey) and a decent girl (but complete drama queen - Tatiana Del Toro). When they announced that Danny was going through to the top 12, Tatiana just stood there and cried versus moving off to the side to let the Danny have his glory. Then when Danny sang, she stood in the back and cried and cried while the rest of the group (also eliminated) was dancing along with the song. What a sore loser - but again, not surprised!

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