Tuesday, February 24, 2009

fun bag!

This weekend, I finished two projects. One I can share now, and one I can share a bit later. This green bag turned out super cute. It's about a purse size, but I'm not sure if I'll use as a purse or bag for kid stuff. It was pretty easy to make except for sewing the bottom of the bag since there were curves. I love the colors. It's reversible too! The inside is mostly the darker green with the lighter patterned pocket. My sister and I split the cost of the pattern. She bought pink fabrics, so it will be interesting to see how hers turns out. I just might have to make another one!


Anonymous said...

I want a bag! It is so cute Keisha. Oh and I love that Mason made a bus out of the chairs. Our kids never do stuff like that!

Stacy said...

"fun bags", tee-hee!