Monday, January 7, 2008

Calendar page - January

Boy was I ambitious! I bought a blank calendar to embellish... all the way down to filling in the days. What a mistake! I have spent about 8 nights adhering my rub-on numbers. I'm sure each page of 30/31 days took me longer than making the layout. Oh well. Maybe next year I'll do an iPhoto calendar.

I'm also participating in a free class/challenge that I heard about from a fellow scrapper Lain Ehmann on her ScrapHappy podcast & blog. The challenge is to make 31 layouts a day (LOAD). I didn't join until just now, so I already I didn't meet that goal, but it will still be fun trying to get one done the rest of the month. Heck knows I have plenty to catch up on! Here's my layout for day #7 - first page in my calendar.

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