Wednesday, January 2, 2008

old photos

ok, maybe not so old. Mana found our old Olympus camera that we used to use before we got our SLR (Nikon D50) and there were still a bunch of pictures on it. Some were pretty old (September '06) and some a little more recent (June '07). The yard (landscaping/garden) shot is our old house and brought a little tear to my eye. I don't know why, but I still get a little sad when I think about our first house. It was the place where Bean grew up - learned to walk and talk. Even though he was 2.5 when we moved, he still remembers it and has brought it up out of the blue, "remember at our old house, we had a swingset?" Things like that make me sad. I miss the cool landscaping and swingset. Well, no going back. And besides, the 4 of us wouldn't fit in that tiny house! The other couple pictures are from summer '07. Not sure why we were using the old Olympus camera, but there they are. I can't believe how little Mase was! I guess he's still a little peanut. He just does so much more now - compared to then sitting in a bouncy chair. I was excited to see that we have a photo of Zander feeding Mason a bottle. I don't ever do the bottle thing when I'm with the boys since Mason gets "on tap", so this made me smile too.

Speaking of Mason doing stuff, he now points his little finger. Yesterday, he did it for the first time. I was holding him in the kitchen and he randomly pointed out the window while looking at his little hand as if he's thinking, "so that's what this thing at the end of my arm can do." So now, I'm always bugging him to point at something... and he does it. And he does it well - his little pointer finger pokes out and then he smiles all proud of himself. My little baby is getting smarter and growing up way too fast!!

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