Thursday, February 7, 2008

The curse is over.... or so I hope!

I'm still in shock - can't believe it finally happened. Zander went #1 in the toilet for the first time today! I was at work and received an email from Mana titled "Guess what I did" and attached was a picture of Zander holding two cars that he got to open as his reward. I started tearing up at work. Pathetic, I know. This has been such a long haul. We have made so many attempts over the last year or so, but he always says he doesn't know when he has to go. The kid is smart, so I know he could tell us if he wanted to. He just couldn't get the physical part to click with his brain. I was just telling Mana the other day that I think we should take him to the doc to make sure there's nothing wrong physically.... and then he proves us wrong. I just hope it's not a fluke thing.

How it all went down...
Today was "daddy daycare", so Mana put him in underwear (as we usually do when we're home with him) and did our usual routine of setting the timer every 20-30 minutes and having him try. Today, in the early morning, he had an accident (as he does every time we've put him in undies). Now usually we would just put him in a diaper after an accident, but Mana told him that we'll keep trying today. So, on one of those attempts, Zander was sitting reading a book on the toilet for a few minutes. Then Mana suggested he stand and try. A few minutes later, still nothing.... although now Mana had to go himself and Zander watched. After that, Mana left the bathroom to get a diaper since it was approaching naptime. Right after Mana left, he heard 'tinkle, tinkle, tinkle' from the bathroom and came back to watch Zander peeing in the toilet - with perfect aim, I guess! Also, something to note is that Mason was also in the bathroom and was crawling over to see the excitement. Thank goodness Zander was aiming in the toilet.

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Stacy said...

Oh, my gosh, that's so exciting! You can tell Zander is so proud in the picture.