Saturday, February 23, 2008

Kid updates

potty training update: Zander has now gone twice. His 2nd time was the day after the first time. We are now convinced that he can make the physical/mental connection. And how, you ask? Well, we've been putting him in undies all the time and he only has accidents about 20% of the time. He has now figured out how to hold it until naptime/bedtime when we put a diaper on him. He does the "pee-pee" dance, as I've heard others call it/ When he does this, we ask him if he needs to use the bathroom, but he screams NO... and it usually leads to a meltdown. We continue to use the reward system, but that doesn't seem to motivate him. All we can do is keep trying.

Car ramps: Zander is totally into car ramps right now...or maybe I should say that Zander AND Mana are into car ramps. Every time I go downstairs, they have a new contraption set up. For example, they built a house out of Lincoln Logs and then launched cars down the ramp to see how many cars it would take to knock the house down. They also set up all the Lincoln Logs upright like bowling pins. Today Marissa and Jason were over and so it was triple trouble. Zander, Mana and Jason set up many "contraptions" for the cars to go through. It kind of looked like the game, Mouse Trap.

Candyland: Zander also loves playing Candyland. He got it for xmas and has played it just about every day since. This picture here is from last weekend when my parents and M & J came over for "game night". Before Zander went to bed, we all played Candyland to appease him. Anytime we play, you're bound to hear, "I hope you get gingerbread", or "Dad [or Mom], you can't catch up to me!"

Walking - or lack thereof: I'm guessing Mason will be walking in about a month. He will stand up on his own for short periods of time. As soon as he realizes he's standing on his own, he plops to the floor. He loves pushing his lion (on wheels) around the living room. He get s big kick out of "getting" mom or dad.

Talking: Mason has been jibber-jabbering a LOT lately. Some of the new words in his repertoire...
hot (when he sees the fireplace or a candle)
chee (cheese)
ni-ni (night-night - wants to go to sleep)
chill (aka "chilly" - when he sees Mana drinking his Mt Dew)
naa-na (banana - LOVES bananas)

Food: I can't believe that Mason will be 1 in less than a few weeks. It didn't hit me until about a month ago, that I need to be in the "wind down" stage of milk production. I took a look at the freezer and found MANY bags of milk left still. I'm down to pumping only once at work. I've been debating about continuing to nurse in the morning and night past 12 months. I really love nursing, just hate pumping. We'll see. Mason has been drinking juice and water in sippy cups just fine, so I'm not worried about him doing whole milk in a cup.

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