Monday, February 25, 2008

"I did it" - perfect timing!

Tonight for dinner, I made pasta and rolls. Zander loves to dip his roll in honey. He wanted to squeeze the honey in a pile all by himself, so I let him. Mana used the honey after Zander was done. Then, I grabbed the honey and found that the cap had spaghetti sauce all over it. After accusing Mana of making the mess, the conversation went like this:
Mana: I didn't do it
Me: maybe Zander did it
Zander: No, I didn't do it. MOM did it.
Me: No, I didn't.

We all burst out laughing...for a LONG time. It was hilarious. It was one of those moments that I SO wish a video camera was running. It was so cute. Mason really wanted to join in the conversation and it was the perfect since he says "I did it" ALL the time.

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