Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I'm back!

I'm back from my business travels - well, actually I was back on Friday. The National Sales Meeting went very well, just a long time to be away from the family. I took Monday and Tuesday off to 'recover'.... and spent Monday home with a sick little Mason. I think he caught what all the other daycare kids had - runny nose and a fever. Today he was better, so we went to a few parks in Anoka as a family. The kids had fun. Below are some pictures from today. Getting a picture of the two of them both looking at the camera still seems next to impossible!

Bean loves the concept of exploring. He had to bring along his notebook so we could write down all the animals we found. Very cute. He's also very much into making traps right now. Not so much with the park exploration today, but because we have a few chipmunks making their home in our garage, so he thinks that he must trap them. It's cute to see how his brain works.

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