Friday, June 13, 2008

quick post

I've been so crazy busy at work - long hours prepping for the National Sales Meeting next week. I'm leaving on Sunday morning, back on Friday afternoon. I know Mana will be just fine with the boys. I'm just worried about Mason. He's SUCH a mama's boy and we've never been apart - NEVER. Not even overnight.

Zander is FOUR years old. I still cannot believe it. His birthday party was supposed to be last weekend, but he came down with something the night before, so we had to cancel it. Poor kid. As soon as he got better, he said, "Okay, now we can have my party." I think he understands that we have to plan the party in advance, he was just seeing what we would say.

The boys were in for their check-ups last week. Mason has finally surpassed the 20 pound mark - 21 lbs, 4 oz. Now, we can turn his carseat to forward facing. Zander was 35 pounds.

Two of my girlfirends had babies in the last few weeks. Jen and Brent had a boy - Brody Robert - cool middle name (Mason's middle name) :) . Kim and Brad had a girl - Isla Nicole. I'm so excited to meet them. The baby count has grown to 13 - with one on the way (Jenny & Brian) in October. Holy cow!!

Here are some pictures of the boys at Mana's birthday party a few weeks ago...

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