Saturday, June 28, 2008

Poor kid - birthday party cancelled AGAIN!

Friday started out crappy when Zander woke up with a 103+ fever. And I can't even say that he "woke up" since he slept most of the day - and his fever kept going up and up. I'll spare the boring and/or gross details, but Friday was one of his sickest moments ever. Around 11am Friday, his temp read 105.6 degrees!! I freaked out! I have never seen either of the boys' fever be that high. And this was several hours after he had taken Tylenol (that mostly stayed down). Our normal clinic could not get us in, so I took him to an urgent care clinic about a mile away from our house - that actually turned out to be a decent place. They found nothing - strep test came back negative, no ear infection. He just had "something viral" - don't they always?! Anyways, when we got home, he just kept sleeping and finally around 5/6pm, he woke up looking like he had just been in the bathtub with his clothes on. The kid was literally dripping with sweat. His hair was wet and gross. I took his temp and it was down to 100. Thank goodness.

Friday afternoon we decided to cancel his birthday party on Saturday - which was already rescheduled from 3 weeks ago when he was also sick. I'm almost afraid to plan another one and jinx him into getting sick again. Poor kid - all he wants to do is celebrate his 4th birthday.

From this experience (and many others previously), I can still say that dealing with sick kids is the worst part of parenting.

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