Saturday, July 5, 2008

Little stinker

Mason is definitely our little stinker. He's *so* busy, always getting into something. We can't turn our backs or he manages to climb onto something - like these photos of him climbing up onto Mana's desk in his office. When he gets caught, we get a "stare down" look that is so cute. He also likes climbing onto the kitchen counter or trying to dive into the kitchen sink when it's filled with dirty dishes - which is usually often. Mason has earned the nickname "Trouble". Zander always says, "here comes trouble!"

So, what else is new with "trouble".... He *finally* broke 2 of his 1st year molars at about 15.5 months. He has been so crabby for the last 1-2 months, so hopefully this explains it. He would even say "teeth" and put his fingers in his mouth. Who knew?! Aside from being a stinker and cranky with teeth coming in, Mason has really made progress with his vocabulary. He has been putting two words together like crazy lately. It's so cute because you can tell that he's putting a lot of concenration into everything he says. Usually his two word statements include one of our names plus another word. For instance: Daddy nose, Zander bye-bye, Mama up. He has also learned the proper use of the word 'no' - thanks Zander! Mason even says "No" as he's doing something naughty.

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