Thursday, September 4, 2008

America Idols concert

Sunday, Aug 30th was the American Idols concert. I finally got to see Michael Johns!!! We were in 10th row in the lower level (not floor), so not too bad. There were 8 of us: me, Marissa, Jason, Mom, Dad, Aunt Karen (my date:) ), Aunt Kathy and Uncle Marty. I had no idea what to expect for the overall format/content. The only thing I knew is that MJ would be singing 3 songs and I knew which ones based on my insider scoop. I guess they all do the same songs the entire tour. That would get boring! So, it started out with Chikeze (10th place) who sang songs and it went down from there. After the 5th place person (Brooke White), those 5 did a song together - "In the Name of Love" by U2. I got a good picture of MJ and Carly. They continued to do 3 songs each until David Cook, who did 4 or 5. MJ had (in my opinion) the best set. DC was a close second.

Then, at the very end, they did a group song - "Please Don't Stop the Music". Towards the end of the song, David Cook and Michael Johns do a little skit that has been affectionately been named "Mavid". They do one in every city - and it's different every night. They get pretty creative. At the Minneapolis concert, they used boat oars and paddled. Then, they swatted Jason Castro with the oars. It was pretty funny.

I was using my parent's little Nikon point and shoot camera since SLRs are not allowed. It took pretty decent pictures.

Lastly, too bad we didn't hang around afterwards. I found out that MJ, DC and Carly went to O'Donovan's Pub and sang karoke.

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