Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Preschool Orientation

Today was preschool orientation. Zander, Mana and I went while my mom watched Mason. Zander did just fine. His mother did not. When we walked through the classroom door, I started to get all teary eyed. Then, as I watched him put his backpack on his hook with his name, I lost it. I had to turn away and pretend to be looking over some paperwork. I didn't want Zander to see me, nor did I want the teachers or other parents to see. I felt plain silly! After I got it together a few minutes later, everything went very well. He has 2 teachers - Mrs. Herzog and Mrs. Nereson. Both were very nice. All the kids got to color a person and write their name on it. Zander was very proud to do that. Then, the teachers talked to parents for about 15 minutes and the kids were on their own to explore. They went through the paperwork we had to hand in as well as the multitude of handouts that we had to take with us and review! Zander even had homework on his first day!

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