Monday, March 9, 2009

Mr. 10th percentile still... plus some bad news

We brought Mason in for his 2 year check-up today. He's holding steady in the lightweight division at 24 lbs, 9 oz - which is the 10%. This was no surprise. The surprise, however, was his diagnosis with a inguinal hernia.... again. At 9-months, his regular doc found a hernia (here's the story and the result - and more), but when we had a consult with the pediatric surgeon, they found nothing. Well, apparently this time it was so obvious that his regular doc is 100% sure. So, we go in next week for another surgical consult. I'm freaking out at the thought of my baby being put under anesthesia and having the surgery. I know it's a fairly routine procedure, but I still worry. I know I'll be a mess when it gets closer.

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