Wednesday, December 12, 2007

watch and wait

Watch and wait is the name of the game for Mason lately...

I finally connected with the pediatric surgeon today. He feels comfortable moving forward with the surgery to repair Mason's hernia.... but I don't. With differing opinions, and the fact that the surgery isn't an emergency surgery, I'd like to wait until we can visibly see the hernia, he's uncomfortable or when his main doc can check him again at the one year check-up. The only risk of "watching and waiting" is the risk of strangulation - occurs when part of the intestine gets trapped inside the hernia. This happens about 5% of the time and requires emergency surgery.

Got a call from Liz that Mason has not been eating well and been really fussy. She suspected an ear infection. I called the clinic and got an appt for 3:30pm. Doc checked him out and said his ears are "suspicious". He gave us a prescription for amoxicillin and said only to fill it if he gets a fever (which he hasn't had yet) or if the cold and stuffiness persists a week from now. Let's hope kid #2 will be better about taking meds (and doesn't puke at the sight of the bottle).

And since we were at the doc (which happened to be a different one, but one we also know), we asked him to check out Mason's supposed hernia. He couldn't find one either. Both him and the surgeon think that the "baby fat" in that area may be making it hard to find - or making it appear to be a hernia when it isn't. So, as I discussed with the surgeon earlier in the afternoon, we'll watch and wait.

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