Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Holiday Craziness!!

Where do I even start?! Chronologically, I suppose... How has this holiday turned into such a rat race. It's for the kids, I tell myself!

Dec. 22nd
Eric & Mindi hosted the "Weinhagen Christmas". Super fun. All were there except the Handts who were sick. After we ate, the "kids" (big and small) went sledding out back. Eric's gotta to be in heaven now with his 3 acres of land. I love their house, even if it is out in the boonies.

Dec 23rd
Two photo shoots and lots of last minute xmas gift making/buying/gathering! Here are some of the homemade gifts I put together (I stole the holiday card keeper and regular card holder from a fellow scrapper Lain Ehmann) ...

Dec 24th
We hosted the xmas gathering that includes my parents, Marissa & Jason and June & Dud. I made 2 pasta dishes. They were yummy and pretty easy. I kept forgetting that this is Mason's first Christmas. He mostly loved climbing on the presents. I wouldn't say he really opened any presents, but he tore a few pieces of wrapping paper. He was excited to see what was inside. The only problem was getting the toys out of the packaging. Everything has a gazillion twist ties. Zander's fave toys were lincoln logs and a car ramp that attaches to a door. This present was actually for Mana & Zander :)
We also took family photos...the first time in many years. I guess we took one at M & J's wedding, but nothing since. Very sad since we're photographers and all. I'll update this post with a link to Phanfare from the "session".

Dec 25th
The boys woke up around 6am to see what Santa brought. The first thing Zander said when he came out into the living room..."Santa ate his cookie!". We then opened up presents from each other. Zander insisted on a "Christmas mohawk" like our friend Todd.

After Mason's nap, it was off to Grandma Wendy and Grandpa RT's house. Talk about chaos. I guess you can't expect 4 kids to sit and watch each other open up gifts. I didn't really see what everyone got. Wendy made super cool hard-cover books from all the Duluth trips. There were a bunch from the last 5-7 years and then a whole bunch from Mana's childhood. Super cool!

Then it was off to my parent's house for the massive Kutzner gathering. There are two pools of gift exchanging. On group draws a name. The other group brings 4 random gifts totaling ~$30 and we play the dice game. Mana and I are in the dice game group. I like the adventure of "stealing" and thrill of not knowing what you're getting until the "buzzer".

Go home, go to sleep!!!!! Seriously, I wish I had a whole day just to sleep! After being up until about 2 am for the last 4-5 nights, 10pm is sounding like heaven about now!

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