Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Mason update

Monday 12/3 was Mason's 9-month check-up. It started out well. Mason is meeting all his developmental milestones. He's still on the small side (18 lbs, 4 oz), but acceptable. Then, his doc did a physical exam...and found that he has a double hernia and needs surgery to repair it! :( This is quite common on Mana's side of the family. Mana and his dad had a single hernia. Mana's brother had a double hernia and all of Mana's uncles had hernias. Just a bad gene I guess. So far, Zander has lucked out. So, the next step is to meet with a pediatric surgeon. We're doing that Thursday afternoon. The surgeon will assess how soon the surgery needs to be scheduled (which will be at Children's Hospital in St. Paul) and we'll go from there. Poor little guy! Here's a few pictures from this weekend. He's climbing up onto everything!!

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