Thursday, December 6, 2007

False alarm - no double hernia

Today was Mason's appointment with the pediatric surgeon. He couldn't find any signs of a hernia - that was originally diagnosed by Mason's regular doctor. He was very thorough. He said that a hernia would usually be the size of a golf ball - very obvious. This wasn't the case for Mason, and after the exam, he still didn't think Mason has a double hernia. The surgeon does want to talk with Mason's regular that diagnosed it to gets her thoughts. The surgeon said that 25% of the time, a hernia doesn't show itself at random times.... so he wants to talk with her to see how she came to her diagnosis. At Mason's check-up on Monday, she showed us what she thought to be the hernias and this was similar to how things looked today with the surgeon.... so I'm pretty sure there is no hernia. Whew! A sigh of relief after we heard the good news from the surgeon.

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