Sunday, December 2, 2007

Saturday events

Medtronic Holiday Party

Well, Mana's predictions were correct (not that I doubted him)... not a successful visit with Santa. All week, we've been talking to Zander about what he's going to ask Santa for x-mas - cars. Very We basically got right into the Santa line (since we arrived 20 minutes before it ended - which is a story that's not worth telling). Anyhow, we were escorted into the Santa #1 line (they had 3 Santas!), where we saw the family in front of us finishing up with their pictures. Right then, I felt Zander grab onto my leg. I looked down and his lip began to quiver. I had pretty much lost all hope of the visit we talked about with Zander. Sure enough, when it was our turn, we walked towards Santa and Zander started screaming. (Did I mention that Mason is just observing everything going on - no crying whatsoever). So, the photographer suggested we do a "family" picture. So, that's how it all went down. All 4 of us in the Santa photo.
After the formal photo, we grabbed our treat bags and munched on them for about 5 minutes before seeing the mime from MarketFest and getting kicked out. Quick, but painful ordeal.

Archiver's Scrap Mania

As mentioned in a previous post, I attended Archiver's "Scrap Mania" with my friend from work, Nikole. It's basically a night (5-11pm) to scrap all you want and use all the tools onsite. It's $15 which includes dinner, a page layout to do (or take with you) and a make-and-take which was a snowman tag. It was cute, but too glittery... I'll be finding glitter everywhere for days!
In my preparation for the "mania" (as the "avids" would say), I was apparently very optimistic. I packed supplies for 3 projects. I almost finished one of those projects. If I do this again (which I would like to do) , now I know how much I can realistically get done. Tonight, I put the finishing touches on the pumpkin patch album I worked on. I bought the album kit (SEI) at the scrapbook convention this summer and I think it works really well with these photos.

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