Wednesday, October 31, 2007

"Dad, this is boring"

That's what Zander said when Mana took him trick-or-treating tonight. This was the first year we took him, even though it was only about 3 houses in the neighborhood. Geez, the kid has high expectations!

Plans changed a bit this year. A party was planned at LCC for all the daycare kids at 4pm, but my nephew Ayden got sick (poor Moo Moo!) so Liz had to close LCC around noon. Mana picked the boys up, who were also somewhat sick (so far, just colds). My parents came over and brought dinner. I'm glad they got to see the boys in their costumes. Mason had his on for a bout 2 minutes before it was off to bed. After we got the first few trick-or-treaters at our house, Zander wanted to go out too. So, Mana took him out to a few nearby houses. After the 3rd one, Zander said, "Dad, this is boring". So they came back. Then we visited with my parents some more. When they left, I took Zander to my friend Brenda's house. He seemed to really like that. She gave us a tour of her new house.

On a separate note, Zander can now come into my office, wake up the computer and start the 'robot game' all by himself. He doesn't know how to do anything but 'squirt the water' (or at least that's what we tell him to avoid the 'shot 'em up' mentality. We'll see.)

And on another unrelated note, Mason just loves standing up holding onto something. You can just tell that he thinks he so big standing there. To him, it's so much different that sitting down. So cute! He also loves clapping. If you say 'yeah' and then clap, he'll usually join in.

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