Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Zaylee's b-day party

Sunday (10/14) was Zaylee's 1st birthday party. We have no cake or present photos of the b-day girl... but we have a bunch from when the kids were playing outside.

Zander and Ayden LOVED playing with Bobby. He was their buddy for the day.

So, I've been in the new Medtronic Mounds View facility for a few days now. Going well so far. I pretty much just go straight to my cube and stay there the whole day. I don't ever take lunch due to my use of the "mother's room". One of these days, I'll have to wander around. There are so many "amenities" like: Minute Clinic, US Bank, Caribou Coffee, car service place, daycare, fitness center and much more. Definitely handy to have these things on the premise.

Right now, I'm making another batch of baby food. I love making my own baby food! Today is yellow squash, which is a new one. I'm sure Mason will like them. He's taken to most solids pretty well. Tomorrow, we go to the doctor for a weight check. At Mason's 6-month check-up, the doc was concerned since he was only at 20% for weight, but 85% for length. At that 6-month appt, he was just getting over being sick, so I attribute his low weight to that. I guess we'll see tomorrow. The doc also talked about feeding him more solids, so we'll see if we need to ramp it up or not.

Mana had two meetings tonight, so I gave Zander his bath. He cracks me up. He was so excited to show me how he can "swim like Annie". Yes, my kid loves orphan musicals. His two favorite movies/musicals are Annie & Oliver. Anyhow, he loves the scene where Annie goes swimming at the mansion and imitates it when he takes a bath.

That's all for now.

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