Friday, October 12, 2007

random day off

Ok, maybe not so random. But, it wasn't very planned. My office at work is all packed, so our whole department got the day off. I had to sit home to wait for the irrigation place to come blow out our system between 9-11 am. I would've liked to pay a visit to the Weinhagens at Sheila's mom's funeral, but didn't work out with the timing of the irrigation appointment.

I did manage to get to Let's Dish and put together 8 meals. It's been quite a while since I've done this. In fact, I know exactly when it was... the day Mason was born! I had signed up for a session with mom and Linda Rodeck. That morning my water broke, so mom and Linda made up my meals and mom brought them to me when we got home from the hospital a few days later. The meals I made today should be yummy.

My niece, Zaylee, is turning one and her b-day party is on Sunday, so I ventured downstairs to make a card. Of course, I can't make just one! I played around with my new Cuttlebug (which exchange for a new one) and am loving it! Every time a new idea popped in my head, I had to make up a sample before I forget.... and then make a few variations. So, about 8 cards later, I came up with a cute card for my little niece. Simple, but cute.

Tomorrow is the first day in a long time that none of us have anything going on. No weddings, no shoots, no nothing. We might go to the local pumpkin patch. It's about a mile from our house.

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