Saturday, October 20, 2007

Saturday fun... or not?

I was a widow once again this Saturday. Mana had a family shoot in the morning and then a wedding starting in the late morning. He came home at 3:30 and then left shortly thereafter for football with the guys. It was a perfect fall day, so I can't blame him for taking that opportunity. He came home for a few hours and is now at band practice at Bear's house. Bear and Erica just built a new house. They designed a "band room" above the garage. I actually think the band (which they've named "Big Hairy Deal") is pretty good. Mana plays drums. Stripes plays keyboard. Chris plays guitar. Jeremy plays bass. And Bear is the lead signer. I think most of them would like to do a "gig", but Bear has major stage fright, so I don't think that will happen anytime soon. I personally think it would be fun to go see them in public. I guess I would be considered a "groupie". Not sure what I'd do if I heard another "groupie" say, "hey, that drummer is cute." Probably won't have to worry about that due to the previously mentioned stage fright issue.

As for the kids and me.... in the morning, I took them to the Andover YMCA. Not to go to the Y, but to shop/browse at the vendor fair they were having. It was mostly home parties like Tastefully Simple, Pampered Chef, etc. They had an usborne books booth, so of course I had to buy something. This is the company that makes really good kids books, including Zander's favorite book, the "finding book". I was telling the person that our "finding book" is so well loved tat it's falling apart. She said that you can contact the original seller (via the sticker on the back) and buy a new copy from them for half price. So... we just might do that.

I called my grandpa tonight, who has been in the hospital for over a week. (this is in addition to the 1 weeks he spent in there about a month a go). He had 2 stents put in during his previous hospital visit after having symptoms of a heart attack. A angiogram revealed 2 arteries very blocked - one 99% and one 90% blocked. At the first visit, he also had some presumed internal bleeding. Some simple tests indicated that the bleeding must have stopped, so they sent him home with the thought that they would see him in about a month for a follow-up on the internal bleeding. Well, he didn't get that far. He collapsed at his place, where luckily my mom happened to be there, last Friday. After a trip to the ER, they concluded that he still had internal bleeding and the lack of blood caused the collapse. He got several infusions, but the bleeding still has not stopped. He has been there for over a week now and they've performed tons of tests - without any definitive answers yet. I called him today to say hi, but I he was finishing eating and saying goodbye to g-ma and mom... so the conversation was short.

Tomorrow is the Halloween Party at Stacy & Travis' house. All the PC girls are going and bringing the kids in costumes. Should be interesting to see how long the costumes stay on. Since the summer picnic was a flop, I haven't seen most of the kids since the ornament exchange last year. Looking forward to it!

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