Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Several weeks ago, I went to a "home party show" at the Andover YMCA. They had different booths like Pampered Chef, Mary Kay, etc. They had an Usborne Books booth set up. It was the company that makes Zander's finding book and about 4 other of his favorite books. I knew I had to buy something. They have great books. Anyhow, I ended up buying another finding book for my nephew Ayden (for this 3rd b-day) and a book for my niece Zaylee for x-mas. I also got a pirate finding book for Zander for x-mas, but it was out of stock. The consultant just delivered it yesterday. He's going to LOVE it. He loves anything pirates, thanks to g-ma Karen. My 3 year-old can point out Jack Sparrow, Will Turner and Elizabeth Swan from Pirates of the Carribean movie. Impressive!

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