Saturday, November 10, 2007

Mason Milestones & current projects

Long time, no post.

Mason's Milestones

* About a week ago, Mason started to be able to sit up from being on his tummy. He can go back and forth between sitting and tummy very easily now. I love it because he no longer gets frustrated being stuck on his tummy... and if he gets bored sitting up, he can easily get onto his tummy.

* In the last few days, Mason has started "crawling". He had been doing a little bit of scooting over the last month. A few days ago, he started crawling on his left side. He didn't yet have the hang of moving both sides of his body, so he basically goes in circles as he scoots with his left arm and left leg. Just today, though, I would say that he's got the hang of using all limbs as he travel many feet in a straight line! Holy crap, my baby crawls!! No more leaving him alone for a few minutes while I step out for whatever reason (bathroom, kitchen).

* No more "Nukkers"!! That's right, we're done with the pacifier. The boys were sick with colds the last few weeks. While Mason was all stuffed up, he didn't want his pacifier for sleeping. After the cold went away, we decided that we weren't giving it back. The first few nights it took Mason about 30 minutes to get to sleep. After that, though, he fusses less than 5 minutes. Some nights he doesn't even cry at all - like tonight :)

Here are some projects I'm working on...

* Mason's birth scrapbook: I'm working on the page of the labor & delivery. I wrote up my journaling of the series of events while In the hospital. Seeing as though Mana thinks that I change the story, I will have him review my journaling for accuracy before adding to my page.

* house clean-up: Today, all 4 of us were home all day - a rare occurrence!! We did a lot of cleaning, laundry and dishes. I put away the boys' clothes that are too small.

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Did Dennis finally put on a few pounds?