Monday, November 12, 2007

pump junkie

Yesterday, I found my pump in my office knocked to the floor and the tubing not connected to the front. I thought, "oh crap, not again!" What I'm referring to is a instance about 4 months ago where the front cover snapped off inside the tubing. And yes.... it happened again! Crap, crap, crap! I was leaving in 30 minutes for a girls dinner (more on that later), so I couldn't do anything until I got back. I knew I had to contact my "dealer"... she would help, right?! She came through for me last time. So I called her, told her what I needed and she had to check her inventory and call me back. A few minutes later, I got the call. She had the "goods", so I left right away. Did I mention that she lives in Andover?

I seriously felt like a junkie.

Dinner with the girls was great! We met at Boston's in Maple Grove. It's always nice to enjoy a night out with them. We've stayed pretty true to a monthly event.

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