Sunday, November 18, 2007

Thanksgiving... defined by Zander

According to Zander, Thanksgiving is.... "when the princesses [pilgrims] come over on the flower boat [Mayflower ship] and bring lots of food." I just about lost it when he told me this!! Tonight, I read him the usual two stories, off go the lights, and then cuddle and talk for a few minutes. During our talk tonight, we talked about how we had fun at Gpa Kurt and Gma Karen's house today. I told him we'll be seeing them again this week for Thanksgiving. This is when he informed me that this is the day we eat turkey. When I asked him if he knows why we have thanksgiving, he proceeded to tell me about the princesses and the flower boat. Too funny! He said he learned about this at Lizzy's. I'm impressed that he knew about Thanksgiving even if he did get a few words wrong.

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